disallow a claim

v. 要求を却下する

English-Japanese new dictionary. 2007.

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  • disallow a claim — v. reject a claim, disqualify a claim …   English contemporary dictionary

  • disallow — dis·al·low /ˌdi sə lau̇/ vt 1: to deny the truth, force, or validity of disallow ed the deduction disallow a bankruptcy claim 2: to refuse to allow disallow payment of benefits dis·al·low·ance …   Law dictionary

  • disallow — disallowable, adj. disallowableness, n. disallowance, n. /dis euh low /, v.t. 1. to refuse to allow; reject; veto: to disallow a claim for compensation. 2. to refuse to admit the truth or validity of: to disallow the veracity of a report. [1350… …   Universalium

  • claim — I n. 1) to enter, file, lodge, make, put forward, put in, submit; establish; press; substantiate a claim (she filed a claim for compensation) 2) to lay claim to; to stake, stake out a claim to 3) (esp. AE) to jump ( steal ) smb. s claim 4) to… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • disallow — /ˌdɪsə laυ/ verb not to accept a claim for insurance ● He claimed £2,000 for fire damage, but the claim was disallowed …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • disallow — verb (T) to officially refuse to allow something such as a claim, because a rule has been broken: Leeds had a goal disallowed for being offside …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • forbid — I verb ban, bar, block, check, command not to do, debar, declare illegal, deny, deny permission, deprive, deter, disallow, disapprove, discountenance, discourage, enjoin, exclude, forfend, hinder, impede, inhibit, interdicere, interdict, make… …   Law dictionary

  • disallowance — To refuse or to set aside. For example, the Trustee in Bankruptcy, under the Bankruptcy and insolvency Act, can disallow a claim submitted by a creditor. (Dictionary of Canadian Bankruptcy Terms) United Glossary of Bankruptcy Terms 2012 …   Glossary of Bankruptcy

  • disclaim — disclaim, disavow, repudiate, disown, disallow mean to refuse to admit, accept, or approve. Disclaim implies re fusal to admit or accept a claim, but it may apply specifically to a legal claim one has upon property or to a title {the son… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • New Zealand land confiscations — The New Zealand land confiscations took place during the 1860s to punish the Kingitanga movement for attempting to set up an alternative, Māori, form of government that forbade the selling of land. The confiscation law targeted Kingitanga Māori… …   Wikipedia

  • Judaism — /jooh dee iz euhm, day , deuh /, n. 1. the monotheistic religion of the Jews, having its ethical, ceremonial, and legal foundation in the precepts of the Old Testament and in the teachings and commentaries of the rabbis as found chiefly in the… …   Universalium

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